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My share of the sky

My share of the sky

.Sky, the huge blue umbrella, which everyones life depends on its health, is shared between every naitions
.For decades, it has been a spiritual subject for painters, poets as well as authors and many artists
.Sky is where children can practice their magic and olders can dream about their future
.This beautiful sky is full of air which is invisible except when it is polluted
There for, I pictured a beautiful moment of sky and installed some car window handles on it that means everyone needs to pull down the window and breath .The need of healthy and fresh air, made me to create this artwor
The combination between sky and handles encourages viewers to guess as well as to think about
.If we stop ignoring air pollution, we can end up the cycle of various illnesses
Here this artwork works as a warning panel, it reminds people that we have to work as one to reduce the pollution



We cut trees by our huge axes, remove soil to replace concrete in order to build buildings. Then we design
.our balconies with beautiful red flower pots
.We think that we bring nature to our houses which is not true
Hundreds of apartment plants can not work as a tree for our environment and of course For us. We are destroying nature by our hands
Red pots are the point of my design, they are the symbol of sarcastic happiness that we want to bring it in our homes
.When we stare on pots, the mirrors reflect our indifference as well as cruel job to the nature

Here in this artwork visitors face with mess. They can walk through black lines which has been installed in vertical and horizontal lines. Among this chaos red pots show up. They work as an unexpected passion
.between black lines
Encouraging us to follow them from down to top. Mirrors act like happy flowers but their job is to reflect black lines to make them double in order to expand the mess Conceptual Section
The black lines are symbol of apartments which have been built in disorder and the red pots are the passion that we are searching for in our life time
Mirrors reflect the mess which has been made by us and we are facing with this mess every day
( 200*300*400 CM)


By dumping the refuse generated by factories and households

Into bodies of water, not only man does not get rid of the pollutants

.But also puts himself at the center of the destructive cycle


.This installation reminds how important water is

.The more we preserve pure water, the more we can keep our lives away from pollution

143 of Soaps are aligned in rows and columns, the pure water (which has been taken from river in mountain) is passing over them. Here soaps are symbol of detergents that are dissolving in water

(120*220 CM)

From water play collectio

MANIPULATION of water resources

.Climate is changing, through this change our life style alters too

.We have to believe this change, starting for saving water, recycling, keeping our natural resources

.By manipulating water resources, we are facing dust phenomenon

.This installation simply describes the link between water and dust

By spining wooden wheel which means manipulating water resources and have the meaning of water consumption, sands goes from side to side in the hourglass

.Infact sands are the symbol of dus

.Hands are sign of people who are in one side witnesses and from another side victims

.When we spin the wheel, sands movement always happens


.This installation has three parts which each part includes 2 or 3 different part and material

The first and the main part is wooden wheel ( wellknown as a persian wheel in the world)

.The wooden wheel mounted on iron base with iron axis

.Round the wheel 8 plastic buckets are fixed by screw and rope

.Second part is hourglass, made by acrylic with half a centimrter thickness

                                .Six plaster hands are installed inside the hourglass

Almost 10kg dry sands are poured in hourglass, while twisting sands goes from side to side they drop on hands, drowning them which means gradual death

.The last part simulating a river, is replaced under Persian wheel

.It made by wooden frame, inside the frame we can see the blue beam of light